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Who We Are




We are limited edition artwork studio founded by two open-minded creators from Lithuania who are actualizing themselves in different fields of art. We have joined forces in a united project which grew into our studio SOME EDITION.

We do not separate photography and design as different fields of art – we try to combine them. Usually our work is inspired by ordinary things and conventional objects, however we do not limit ourselves to the techniques of how the artwork is created. It can be constructed with real objects by hand and finished with a software. Alternatively, the piece can be created digitally starting from scratch.


Our artworks are made on Fine Art paper using Giclee printing method, which allows us to offer incredibly detailed prints. Each artwork is released in limited edition of 10 or 20 units in standard sizes, but custom sizes available on request. We also have UNIQUE edition prints and create individual artworks suitable for clients’ interior and desired theme.